A few days off

Just wanted to write a quick post before I go back to work tomorrow. I’ve been off since Wednesday (it’s Tuesday today) and have done loads in the garden, plus a few extra bits too. Thursday and Friday mornings were spent studying too, so only 5 actual gardening days. Here’s what still on my list as not done:

  • make video about fruit tree pruning – actually, having thought about it, not sure I’ll bother!
  • blog about pruning – half done and will probably get finished tonight
  • seed sowing – seeds haven’t arrived yet!
  • move pots of tulips – left because it’s a good after work job once the clocks change
  • worm chooks – in progress
  • weed naked garden – left because it’s a good after work job once the clocks change
  • prune fig – need to look up the instructions first!
  • dig comfrey bed – half done
  • mulch comfrey bed – after digging, obviously
  • weed herb bed – left because it’s a good after work job once the clocks change
  • plant holly

So not much left on there. Here’s what I did do:

  • organise seed packet collection – sounds odd but I’m saving my seed packets to use as wallpaper on the downstairs toilet door! But they were scattered all over the place – now neat and tidy in a box
  • updated calendar in line with kitchen one and my husband’s plans
  • survey for university – might win £250 amazon voucher!
  • turned last year’s calendula harvest into calendula oil – just need to print some pretty labels
  • survey for Co-op
  • pruned and mulched the roses
  • several trips to the tip
  • experimented with kale chips – don’t bother!
  • coppiced poplar and ash trees
  • made video tour of garden – see Home on the Hill on YouTube
  • went to garden centre and bought grit, seed potatoes, onion and shallot sets
  • bought some new Felco secateurs
  • updated this blog!
  • pruned all the clematis
  • tidied courtyard
  • weeded courtyard
  • regular car maintenance – checked oil and stuff
  • 2 sessions of grass strimming and didn’t kill any frogs!
  • some admin – bills, pension etc

So all in all, I’m pretty pleased with that – picked a great weekend for the weather too! Back to work tomorrow and Friday, studying again on Thursday. Huge bonfire planned for Saturday.

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