Christmas outing to Packwood House, and SNOW!

Having been to Doddington Hall near Lincoln several Christmases running to see the decorations, we decided to try somewhere nearer to home. A quick google and we settled on Packwood House in Warwickshire. To be honest, the indoor decorations were disappointing – nowhere as imaginative or varied as Doddington. But the house was lovely and there was a band playing so it was very atmospheric.

The kitchen garden however, was stunning even in December. We were particularly taken with the gardeners’ Christmas tree, and the crab apples espaliered as dividers between the different sections:


Worth a second trip in the summer, we thought.

Haven’t been gardening much because busy with Christmas preparations and such. And it has snowed quite heavily. Getting to work was a pain, but the garden did look pretty:

Front door with dogwood in containers

Cold Naked Garden

Frozen pond

Forest garden

Woodland path and willow arch

Ivy flowers



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