Coppicing hazel

About 5 years ago, we planted a short hazel hedge between the orchard and where the bees are now. The idea was to wait about 5 years, then coppice every 5th tree every 5 years. So last week, I coppiced the hedge for the first time. I took out 3 trees (14 survived from the original planting, which I think might have been 15 trees) with a bow-saw. Then used the billhook I got for Christmas to tidy up the harvest. Not sure they’ll be much use this year – they’re a bit small and spindly, but each year should yield more sturdy rods.


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2 Responses to Coppicing hazel

  1. Max says:

    Is the purpose of Coppicing to get sticks/rods for use in the garden?

  2. Hello Max. Yes, that’s the general idea. Hazel rods are useful as bean poles. I will be coppicing the hedge again soon – I cut every 5th tree down to the ground so over 5 years, they all get cut – this is only the second year I’ve done it as the plants were too young before that.
    Thanks for your interest in this blog…Carrie

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