Edible Garden Show

Yesterday we went to The Edible Garden Show – bit of a spur of the moment thing as it’s not far away and it was raining. It’s grown a lot since we first went on the very first year – I think that was 2011? Anyway, we spent a few hours there and really enjoyed ourselves, but next year it’s moving to Ally Pally in London – probably won’t bother travelling that far for such a small show when I could spend the time in the garden. In fact, that’s the overwhelming effect on me of visiting shows – I want to go home and get on with my own garden. However, it’s snowing today!

So, I should get my act together and remember at things like this that I want to blog about it and take some pics. When I look at other blogs about it, I think, why didn’t I take photos. Note to self to try harder in future! But just quickly, I thought I’d pick out my how highlights:

1. love the smallholders marquee – fuel for my dreaming! Pity the woman doing the spinning demo packed up for lunch just as I got there, but I really don’t have time to take up spinning, so probably a good thing really. Spinning is on the list of things to do when I retire.

2. James Wong’s new plant collection – didn’t buy any there, but might be tempted later in the season. Particularly like the idea of a tea plant.

3. Twig Twisters, but then I’m a sucker for any willow art.

4. Meadow in My Garden – lovely seeds. Bought some to plant by the bees.

5. Vigo Fruit Presses – because I really want a fruit press.

Next time I do a post like this, there’ll be pics too!

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