February 2010

Yay – my shoulder is better and normal life has resumed. Well, kinda – I’ve been working full-time for the first time since 1992, so that’s been very strange. I’m coming home from work exhausted – mostly because the reason I’m full-time is to get a particular piece of work done, so there is quite a lot of pressure and I’m very busy.

But the quilt has a border added now, and has been quilted. Just need to bind it and it’ll be finished.
Keith’s waistcoat continues to grow – I’ve finished the back now, and the pocket linings.

Yesterday, I went to the opening of a lovely new yarn shop in Coventry, and spent almost £50 on yarn! Some of it is intended for a Multomah shawl – I want to get better at lace knitting. So, I intend to ban myself from this simple, mindless stocking stitch project until I’ve finished the blue/green scarf I started month’s ago. Hopefully I will have some progress to show by the end of March.
Oh yes, one more thing for February was that I finished the wall hanging for autumn equinox. I’m not going to post a pic now as I want to post all 8 together when I get to the end of this massive project – 2 or 3 still to do, I think.
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