Getting back into it

Wow – I remembered the username and password to get back on here. Amazing!

Well, things didn’t go as planned this summer – we realised quite early on that our kids needed lots of support through a tough exam year and the house needed lots of tlc too. Time to put the garden on hold, we said – just do what must be done. So, the kids passed their exams, the house looks great with lovely makeover for the new sitting room complete with new floor, redecorated kitchen and a waterproof window in our bedroom. The lawns got mowed, the chooks fed, some of the orchard pruned – but not much else happened in the garden.

But the roses flowered well, the plums fruited for the first time, the herb garden looked great and the weeds multiplied in the back garden. Also, my friend, Sam, from herb group, moved her bees into our orchard – and they swarmed and swarmed and swarmed some more! I discovered that I have a bad reaction to bee stings as I swell up really badly – the doc says it’s not an allergy, just a normal reaction, but a very extreme one. One bee sting caused me to have a day off work because my eye swelled up so big I couldn’t see to drive – I wouldn’t mind, but the bee sting was in my hair.

Oh yes, that’s what else was going on – I applied for lots of jobs. Finally got offered one last week. Yay. So I’ll be moving to work for the NHS in the next month or so.

Anyway, I thought I’d post some pics of the garden from this year. Hopefully, by next month, I will have a plan for the new bed in the naked garden and can write about that….

Sam's first beehive arrives

Honey bee on apple blossom

New improved chicken run after last winter's snow destroyed the old one!

Pretty chooks

Herb bed

Herbs and roses - the scent was great

Looking down into the naked garden through the rose arch

Tidy veg plot ready to sow some green manures later this month

Looking up towards the house from the hornbeam hedge

We planted the pond up this spring - but lots of turf around the edges died in the hot summer

From the naked garden, looking over the evergreen hedge into the work space and veg plots

Shady pergola

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3 Responses to Getting back into it

  1. drMolly says:

    what a lovely, lovely place.

  2. homeonthehill says:

    Thank you – we love it here. One of the great things about it is it’s like being in the country but we’re only a 15 minute walk from the town centre with shops, pubs, restaurants, doctors, a hospital, library and mainline railway station. So we have the best of both worlds. We’re very lucky.

  3. Debs Cook says:

    Loving the herb bed! The chucks look really happy as well 🙂

    D x

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