January 2010

It’s been a frustrating month for craft as I’ve developed a problem with my back and shoulder and been told by my osteopath to limit the amount of sewing and knitting that I do. I can knit for about 10 minutes but then have to stop.

So this will be a very short post.
The waistcoat I’m knitting for Keith is growing slowly – I’m up past the armhole shaping now. That’s the main knitting I’ve been doing as it’s just stocking stitch so no concentration required. Hopefully, next month I’ll have the back finished and photographed.
The main accomplishment for January is that I’ve finished piecing the top of the boy cot quilt. It still needs the border adding, then the quilting. Not sure how much I’ll get done tho’ as machine sewing tends to fit in the winter when I’m not gardening – and winter is on the way out now.
Anyway, here’s a piccie:
I’m going to try sewing instead of knitting tonight so see if that’s any better for my shoulder. I’m still working on the set of eight wall hangings that I posted about zonks ago. I’ll post pics of all eight when they’re all finished. I think the one I’m working on is number six – it’s an autumnal themed one to be hung around the time of the autumn equinox.
As I said, a short post.
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