Late Christmas diary entry

See, I have these grand ideas that I’ll blog every week about what I got up to in the garden, or whatever, last weekend. But now it’s early February and I still haven’t written about Christmas! Stuff just ends up being a higher priority – stuff like actually enjoying Christmas and New Year, organising things back into the new much improved kitchen (yay, it’s finished), and starting to organise the rest of the house in the wake of the kitchen and Maddie leaving and finding our way as a couple with no kids, and organising a seed swap (more work than it sounds), and learning how to edit pictures for this so that they’re not too big, you get the picture.

Christmas was lovely – we had a lie-in, opened our gifts to one another, then headed to Sorrel and Alex’s for lunch. The little ones had a whale of a time, Sorrel and Alex prepared a splendid spread and I didn’t take many pictures because I was too busy having fun and drinking prosecco.

The Saturday before Christmas, I had helped Keith and others organise a private carol concert. Last year we discovered a lovely church across town, with a great atmosphere and very pleasing acoustics. It’s maintained by the Churches Conservation Trust and they agreed to let us use it if we would take a collection for them. We’re not religious but I suppose we are christian by background, and love a good sing-song. So Keith and The Hatstand Band rehearsed the carols, Kate and I spent all afternoon decorating the church with lights and greenery. I made Keith a green Father Christmas outfit, and we invited 60 close friends to join us. It was great, and everyone said how much they enjoyed it and that we need to do it again next year.

Next time, I’ll tell you all about the Heart of England Organic Group‘s Potato Day and Seed Swap. But first, I need to get on with pruning that orchard.

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