March 2009

Well, welcome to my gardening blog. I’m going to try and update it each month. So I’ll start with a quick round-up of what’s being going on in February and early March.

About half the trees in the orchard have been brought into the pruning regime. The rest will get renovation pruning next winter, then be maintained from then on.

Have started sowing a few seeds – some salad and some tomatoes in the bedroom. But it’s still very cold so I’m waiting. Also, have ordered a propagator for the business so I’m waiting for that to arrive so I can start sowing herbs for sale.

My son and son-in-law have taken up part of one of our lawns to use as small allotments. They’ve been really enthusiastic. So far in these allotments, and in our vege plot, we have onions, shallots, garlic. Spuds are chitting in the greenhouse and I think the allotmenteers have sown some other bits in there too.

Al lifting turf

Al lifting turf

As you can see, the soil is pretty compacted but they have since added a tonne of green waste compost and made good use of the tiller they all bought Keith for his 50th birthday last summer. It’s looking really good now. More photos as things progress.

Elsewhere in the garden, I have been weeding and cutting back the seed heads that were left for the birds over winter. We’ve also chopped back quite a few trees – taken some Leylandii out right at the top of the garden, and coppiced quite a lot of ash, hazel and poplar. We have a massive stick collection!

Plans for the year include planting up this bed:

Maddi enjoys the hammock

Maddi enjoys the hammock

It’s west facing, very sheltered and good soil. I think some roses (scented ones) and clematis up the hammock frame. I’m toying with the idea of putting a kiwi fruit against the fence, but I’m not sure there’s space. Also thinking hardy geraniums, alliums, Verbena bonariensis – generally a very romantic planting scheme. Also have a pink flowered elder and a Buddliea globosa to squeeze in there. Watch this space.

As always at this time of year, more plans that time to fit them in. Hey ho.

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