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Right well, I’ve dithered about this for long enough! I’ve thought about writing an explanation of why I’ve been away so long (again), but thought better of it, opting instead to just WRITE SOMETHING!

It’s long been my intention to write diary pieces following each weekend with time the following week to write. And this is the first such weekend.

I had Friday off this weekend too, so it was a long one. Mind you, I had a hospital appointment on Friday morning so didn’t get any lovely things done. That left me feeling a little delicate (nothing serious though, and all fixed now) so I didn’t get to the garden until Sunday. I spent Friday afternoon and most of Saturday sewing. I’ve been working on a Christmas project for Keith, of which more nearer the time. But then, inspired by all the lovely pics of Sonya Phillips from 100 Acts of Sewing‘s Dress Number 1 I decided I could make one of these without the pattern. Here’s Sonya’s version:



I have a knitting smock from Tall Yarns and used this to make a pattern. I grabbed an old sheet and started to make a muslin. It’s going so well I’m going to finish it and use it as a petticoat. It fits really well, and I’ve edged the neckline and sleeve holes with blue bias binding. I’m planning to and pockets (because all petticoats need pockets) and a fancy blue edging stitch around the bottom.

I really love this look and have lots of plans. I have a pattern for yoga pants, which I can use to make some trousers like the ones above. I already have one pair in a great vegetable themed print, so I plan to start by buying some orange/deep red/burnt ochre kinda fabric (linen maybe) and making a tunic dress. I have lots of accessories which will match including a brown February Lady Sweater and a cool Gudrun Sjoden top. Would be good to get this done for New Year, but that may be hampered by the kitchen project. I know I haven’t mentioned the kitchen project, but I’ll come back to that when it’s done and I have some pictures of a lovely new kitchen to share, instead of pictures of a wreck of a kitchen.

It’s worse than that now!

Right, gardening. Felt less delicate by Sunday and the sun was shining so I headed out. Swept Catalpa leaves off the back lawn – not so much for tidiness but to make sure the lawn didn’t suffer from them rotting in situ. Definately not to be tidy, as I left lots of other leaves that weren’t in danger of damaging anything in order to prioritise other jobs. Anyway the Catalpa leaves added to the leafmould pile.

Next up was dahlia mulching. We planted quite a few this year to add to the display for Sorrel and Alex’s wedding. But digging them up is such a pain, and I’m never confident about storing them through the winter. So I mulch them with straw and hope for the best. They’re on a south facing slope, so I should get away with it if the winter is not too harsh.

Then on to planting tulips. I had already planted 4 pots with colourful cornus shrubs and tulips underneath in the style described by Monty on Gardeners’ World. Monty added Ophiopogon grass too, but I’m sure the garden centre saw me coming and put the price up, so I don’t have those. But I still had 7 pots left to do. these are now planted and in situ waiting for spring. I chose white tulips this year.

There, I’ve done it, I’ve broken the blogging block. Let’s see if I can keep it up!

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