New Year Resolution

That’s  a scary title if ever I saw one! Declaring my New Year resolutions in public is so not my style. But anyway…

I resolve to blog more. I know a few people read and follow this blog, but not many. That’s okay because one of it’s main purposes is to provide a record for me. A kind of online garden diary. But I tend to try and copy other blogs and write something like magazine articles. This is silly. Actually, I do write articles for Leicestershire Rotters, and I could publish those articles here, but I don’t because that’s not the point of this blog.

So what have I been doing since my last post in September? Loads…

We planted 1000 crocus bulbs in the back garden:



And spent lots of time enjoying the chimenea in the courtyard. I planted tulips in pots for next spring, grew lots of salad in the greenhouse, despite the caterpillars.

Then it was Christmas – 20 people for dinner:



New baby Caspar hung on until almost 12th night, despite being due on 22nd December:



We started clearing the space for a tree planting session in a couple of weeks:



I started pruning the orchard (5 done, 23 to go!) and Keith played a splendidly civilised gig at Leamington museum:



On the agenda for this weekend is more clearing and pruning – weather permitting.

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