November quilting

I did actually get round to practicing the free motion quilting and managed to more or less crack it. I made a couple of Christmas stockings for me and Keith – I bought some lovely Christmassy fabric from Kisko – a wonderful shop/club in Leicester that my neighbour told me about. Then I free motion quilted all over them. It was pretty quick and I’m pleased with the results:

Meanwhile, the baby cardigan is almost finished and Keith’s waistcoat is growing slowly. At Kisko I also bought fabric for a new girl quilt. Oh, and I got my new skirt cut out. The list of sewing projects by priority is
1. make cushions for our bed – need to get my rotary cutter back from a friend to do that.
2. corduroy skirt.
3=. girl quilt.
3=. blouse with FBA.
Meanwhile, knitting continues in the evenings.
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