October 2010

I didn’t think I’d done much crafty since last post – but when I think about it, there’s quite a bit.

I finished the penultimate wallhanging – the winter solstice one. I’ll photograph the full set together when they’re all finished – and that will be by summer solstice 2011!
The waistcoat I’m knitting for Keith is coming on well – it’s a bit boring to knit, so I try to do 2 rows before I go to my more interesting project which is….
I’ve started knitting a baby cardigan with some lovely wool I bought at Yarn Gathering in Coventry, before that all went pear-shaped. It’s in a new born size and the yarn is pink and beige – it will go into my ‘Hope Chest’ until someone has a baby girl. Here’s piccie of work so far:
I need now to check I have the right needle for the next bit – if not, I need to find an online supplier as my new job is nowhere near a knitting shop, and there’s not one in Rugby either.
I’ve also been doing some dressmaking – I made a skirt, but out of scrap material. It’s okay for gardening in, but I’n not going to stick a photo up here. I’ve bought some navy corduroy to make a nice skirt from the same pattern, but that I can wear in public. My main problem with dress-making is that standard sizes don’t fit me – big boobs, narrow back, no waist, skinny hips. I altered the skirt pattern and was dead chuffed with the outcome. I’ve also bought on Ebay, a pattern for a blouse. This will need a Full Bust Alteration (FBA) so that’s the next trick I plan to learn.
I’m not sure it counts as craft, but I spent a jolly Friday creating an amazing princess bed for Maddie. There are fairy lights on the ceiling, then a canopy hung below this so the lights twinkle through it. Then Maddie had added pink Christmas decorations. It’s completely OTT and very girly – but she loves it and it was fun to do.
The final thing to talk about is an idea put forward on the At The Kitchen Table podcast – the idea that the enjoyment of crafty things is something that should be shared within a community, that joining a group is a good thing. My problem is that all the groups I’m aware of are single craft groups – so there’s several local knitting groups, a local quilting group etc. I almost went to a knitting group last month – but it was the one at Yarn Gathering in Coventry that I’d planned to go to. Hmmm – something to think about.
Well, that’s all for this month. Plans are to finish the baby sweater, make progress with Keith’s waistcoat and actually get organised to practice the free-motion quilting, because that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe I could get that done tomorrow night?
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