Planning the year

Not much has happened in the garden since my last post – lots of apple and pear harvesting, but not a lot else.

But for a while I’ve been meaning to put together some kind of month-by-month what to do in MY garden NOW. I’ve thought about various ways to do this and have settled on a spreadsheet – advantages are that I can print it off and tick things off and write notes to myself all over it. I’m very big on lists. Also, it’s easy to alter if I buy a new plant or re-design something. I thought about using a pretty notebook but it’s just not durable enough – I do garden in the rain sometimes, or put stuff down and forget about it. I also thought about making a lovely scrap book – I’ve seen some beautiful ones online and in magazines. But I’m not terribly artistic, and really the point it to create the list, not give myself another project to do.

So, I’ve been thinking about how to organise the spreadsheet and my idea is to have separate workbooks for each month, then colour code the tasks by the area of the garden.

Here’s my task list for October, by garden area, starting at the back gate.
Back garden
Sweep leaves

Sweep leaves
Cut back Fatsia japonica

Herb garden
Final harvest and drying
Collect seeds

Naked garden
Pick flowers
Collect seeds
Scarify, aerate and feed lawn
Clear away garden furniture

Work area
Turn compost
Remove finished leaf mould from bin
Trim lavender
Clear greenhouse
Protect worm bin from cold
Tidy shed

Vegetables and chickens
Mulch beds
Tidy up, finish harvesting


That doesn’t sound like a huge amount to me. But then it’s a quiet time of year. I’m almost scared to write a list for May! Still, I think it’s going to be helpful – it’s not meant to be a list of what the books say should be done but more what I actually want to do and what I usually do.

I start my new job in 10 days, and this is such a quiet time of year in the garden. I may not be back here until the spring.

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