Plans for 2010

I’m late blogging this month because I have a problem with my neck and shoulder and haven’t been able to use the computer as much as usual. I have had this post planned for a week or more, but simply haven’t been able to do it.

January is a great time for making garden plans – especially this year as there’s been so much snow so it wasn’t possible to do much gardening. And there’s more snow forecast for next week. The coldest winter since 1963, apparently.

So, anyway, I thought I’d start by putting a plan of the garden here so any readers can have some idea of how it all hangs together.

1 - back garden, 2 - office, 3 - garage, 4 - house, 5 - patio, 6 - herb garden, 7 - woodland path, 8 - naked garden, 9 - compost bins, 10 - greenhouse, 11 - shed, 12 - hazel hedge, 13 - vegetable beds, 14 - chicken run, 15 - hornbeam hedge, 16 - allotments, 17 - orchard, 18 - raspberries, 19 - pond

It’s late now, so I’ll come back and edit this with the plans for the year later this week…..

So, plans for 2010…

Each year at this time we invite friends over for a slap-up full English breakfast and a work party. The plan this year was to fill the gaps in the hedge on the west side (the left side of the plan). The other side of this boundary is lots of new housing.  However, the weather has meant we haven’t cleared the area of brambles yet and the hedge supplier hasn’t been able to lift the saplings. We think the plants will arrive in time, but the work party will probably be clearing brambles rather than planting. The newly ordered saplings are a native mixed hedge including hawthorn, blackthorn, hazel, dog roses, spindle tree…

I plan to add more culinary herbs in 2010 – chervil, sage (the one I planted last year died). Also some Nigella sativa for the spice seeds and Echinacea because it’s so pretty.

This year I will try again to clean the pond in the naked garden – this job should be done on August bank holiday. The theory is that all the wildlife has finished breeding, but the weather is still warm enough to get really wet. except for the last two years it has been cold and rainy – and I have been too busy. Also in the naked garden, I hope to get the east border planted. Here’s a piccy of what it looks like now:

I should explain that it’s called the naked garden because it’s not over-looked so you could sit naked in it – not because we are in the habit of sitting naked in it.

The main focus for 2010 is to grow better veges than ever before, so that will be happening in the vege plots. I had hoped to continue the orchard regenerative pruning, but that may difficult if my back/shoulder doesn’t improve soon. But hopefully this will happen and is the planned subject for a proper post all of it’s own later in the year.

We’re not sure what’s going to happen with the allotments in 2010. Al wants more space, but Sorrel and Alex have found it hard to keep on top of theirs. They are house-hunting for a place with more land so they can have a vege plot right outside the back door. They also want to keep more livestock. So it looks likely that Al will take over his sister’s plot.

Oh yes, we need to add more pond plants and enjoy the lovely new pond. This was paid for with a small inheritance from my Nan, who died in 2008. I think of her everytime I go down there. It’s looked great in the cold weather.

I think that’s all the garden plans for next year. Watch this space to see what really happens. Hopefully next month I’ll post on time because my back won’t hurt. And it will be getting lighter every morning, spuds will be chitting and spring will be in the air.

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4 Responses to Plans for 2010

  1. drMolly says:

    WOW! I envy your site – We have not near that much space. But I love your map – I shall have to make one of my own.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. homeonthehill says:

    I used google satellite view, zoomed in as far as possible, then traced the image. Then scanned it into the ‘puter. It’s only about an acre – pretty big for a garden, but not a farm or smallholding. And it’s in the middle of a town (Rugby in Warwickshire in the UK midlands).

  3. Sarah Head says:

    Sorry you’ve not been well, Carrie, hope your back and shoulder recover soon.

  4. Debs says:

    Hope you feel better soon flower! The plans look wonderful, I can’t wait for my Summer garden tour, I’ll bring the Pimm’s lol!

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