Planting tulips and band recording

What a lovely sunny weekend we just had. Spent huge chunks of it outside.

Have also been to a couple of quality gigs. On Friday night we went to see Findlay Napier at the Big Comfy Bookshop in Coventry. It’s a lovely venue marred only by their habit of putting real ale in the fridge – why do people do that? They probably chill red wine too! Anyway back to the gig – Findlay was excellent as usual – the tour showcases songs from his new album , Glasgow – worth a listen if well crafted acoustic folk is your kinda thing. Saturday night we went to see Wes Finch and the Rude Mechanicals at Shop Front Theatre also in Coventry. This was a show of Shakespeare words set to music with brief interludes of acting. Sounds very cultured and a bit pretentious but it works. The music is not forced to fit the lyric and the musicianship is so high quality – worth seeing if you have a chance. Again evening marred by overly cold beer 🙁

Right, gardening. Spent a few hours on Saturday clearing 2 beds in the vege plot and planting tulips to pick as cut flowers next spring. Filled one bed with tulips but the other had green manure on it, sown after Elaine nicked the cosmos that was supposed to go there last season and used it in the naked garden. I had hoped the frost would kill off the green manure and I could pile it on the bed to cover the soil but it appears to be frost resistant. So I chopped and stood on it and squished it all down to protect the soil until spring when I’ll sow some summer flowers. Maybe dahlias as part of my move towards more perennials.


I had let the chooks out while I was working – foxes tend to stay away when there’s people about and cats are usually intimidated by the size of chickens. But a neighbour’s big ginger bruiser was not intimidated and attacked the chooks, killing one before I could chase it away. This is really unusual and I don’t know anyone else it’s happened to. No more garden freedom for the chooks.

My husband is a musician and his band needed to get a recording of themselves as some places won’t book a band on reputation alone. They don’t record their music as a rule, believing it’s better experienced live. But when you constantly see bands in venues you want to play who aren’t as interesting/accomplished/ good as you …. So on Sunday we arranged to use some friends’ garden pub-shed to shoot some video. That is still being edited but here are some stills. I’ll try and remember to come back and add a link when it’s done. Meanwhile they’re on Facebook.

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