Potato planting at Easter

The main event of the Easter weekend was a party for a friend-relative’s #itscomplicated 65th birthday. Because we have a house with large rooms, and the huge garden, family parties often happen here. This meant Friday was taken with some garden tidying. Saturday preparing for the party. Sunday Keith was out all day gigging, and I was plain knackered! So Monday I actually got into the garden and planted the spuds. On Saturday I did pick some garden flowers and bring them in for the party. I was quite pleased with how they looked:

This year I’m growing Sarpo Mira again as they were so good last year – excellent blight resistance and keeping qualities. At Potato Day in February I also bought 6 Charlotte tubers to plant in a pot (or rather broken ex-council recycling bin) in the greenhouse. I think for best results I should have planted the Charlotte some weeks ago, but I’m behind with everything this year.

Planting some spuds in the ground sounds simple, but I elected not to do it on Sunday becaus it all sounded like too much work! I had to remove the still growing beetroot and chard from last year – that all went to the chooks. Then some lemon balm had self-seeded in the bed, so I moved it to the new medicinal herb bed – looking a little lonely as yet:

Then I removed the straw mulch from the potato bed and add 3 barrow loads of compost.

Then I was ready to actually plant the spuds. I am relatively no dig, but I did bury these a few inches into the soil because a cold week was forecast and I wasn’t sure the straw mulch would be adequate protection as I didn’t have much of it.

I also got some more seeds sown in the greenhouse – sunflowers, celery and herbs. Potted on some geraniums that had arrived from Parkers, and planted the sweet peas in the new bed in the back garden. This bed is starting to look quite interesting now – Elaine has planted the box hedging, and a japanese maple that was unhappily residing in a pot. I’ve added sweet peas, up wigwams made from the hazel trimmings. I have some hydrangea to go in there too, although they’re on the small side right now. The plan is to add sunflowers at the back, to be looking good in time for Sorrel and Alex’s wedding in early September. Must take some pics of this space at the weekend.

Final weekend job was supposed to be ordering more seeds, as I’ve run out of lots of stuff that needs planting directly into the ground – carrots, parsnips etc. But my internet connection was broken so that didn’t happen until late on Monday. But the Seed Cooperative were incredibly quick and the seeds arrived on Wednesday, so I’ll be sowing them next weekend.

Actually, didn’t think I’d done much, but that sounds like a respectable list 🙂

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