September 2010

It’s been a long time since my last post. I’ve been working full time all summer, and am about to start a new job – a full time one. I haven’t worked full time since I moved in with Keith in 1991, but I think I’ve got used to it now. And I am finding time to knit and sew – even if it’s just a few hours each week.

So, the blue green scarf I talked about last time got ripped and put away – the pattern was supposed to go with the yarn, but I bought it at a busy show and I think the woman gave me the wrong pattern because it just wasn’t working out at all. Someone helpful on Ravelry, suggested that I need to use much smaller needles with that yarn – so it’s gone away until I’m ready to try again.
Keith’s waistcoat has also been put away – but only because it’s too warm to knit in summer. I’m currently working on the penultimate wall-hanging (for Winter Solstice), but the waistcoat will be picked up again after that. I hope Keith will be wearing it before Spring. We’ll see.
I did get the Multnomah scarf knitted and I’m really pleased with it. Here’s some piccies:
I also finished the boy quilt. Now I need to get started on a new girl quilt so I have one of each ready for any new arrivals. My daughter in law is expecting a new baby in April, and my brother and his wife are having IVF treatment, so I need to get on with things!
I’ve been experimenting with free-motion quilting as I want to use it on the next cot quilt. I’m not very good, but all the tips say practice is the key to it. So I guess I just need to do more. My trouble is, I hate to throw anything away, so I keep thinking that I’ll practice on pan holders, or Christmas place mats or …. Then, I think ‘don’t make a project of it, just get on with it’. So I need to just dig out some cheap fabric (I have some old sheets for just this purpose) and some batting and get on with it. Here’s a piccie of an early attempt:
That’s all for now – not many projects, but quite a lot of work. More (hopefully) next month.
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