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So it’s high time I did a diary update. As mentioned last time, I’ve been down a bit of a techy blogging rabbit-hole. But I’ve still been in the garden and out and about a bit.

Following my trip to Brighton Seedy Sunday, I also went to the more local Northampton Seedy Saturday the next week. This was a much smaller affair than the one in Brighton, and seemed to be rather quieter – but I didn’t get there until late so that may be an unfair review. Anyway, there were plenty of seeds still in the swap, plus a few plants and some interesting display stands. And a lovely cafe with everything on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis. One of the main attractions of this event is the quality of speakers – they had Nick Hamilton (the late Geoff Hamilton’s son) from Brogdale Gardens, Russell Atwood, and Jonathan Mosley, the florist from the Great Allotment Challenge. I only managed to catch Jonathan’s talk, but it was very good. Very entertaining and he seemed to throw together gorgeous bouquets of flowers while he talked – something that would take me hours, if I could achieve it at all. At the end, he was giving away bits of foliage as cuttings. I managed to grab some Muhlenbeckia and it is rooting well in my propagator in the greenhouse.

Which brings me nicely on to what’s going in the garden. I’ve almost finished pruning the orchard – just 3 trees to go. I have next week off though, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Then I need to coppice the hazel (which I usually do as soon as the orchard is done). This only takes about an hour though. I planted a small hedge of about 15 trees, about 6 years ago now. Each year, I coppice every 5th tree and use the cuttings as bean poles and support for sweet peas. Speaking of which, the sweet peas are coming on well in the greenhouse, as are the tomatoes and chillis. I’ll get some pics next week, and a list of the varieties to share with you.

In late February I went to day 3 of my Permaculture Design Course, where we talked about design tools – ways of thinking, rather than actual physical tools. I definitely need to practice using some of these. The month has gone quickly, because day 4 is on Saturday – that’s what happens when you go down rabbit-holes!

The final achievement to note is that I sorted out my seeds ready for sowing next week. I always feel like to need to go out and buy more, but after the 2 seed swaps I have plenty. My son Jethro is planning to start a small veg garden this year (we’ll be helping him get started next week) so I’ll probably need to grow plants for them too as they don’t have a greenhouse.

So what have you been up to in your garden? Is everything going to plan?

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