Spring sowings and stuff

I’ve been back at work a week and a half now and the holiday seems like eons ago. Got lots done though, including

  • set up new veg plot for Jethro and Hannah – now growing them some plants to put in it later in the season. Not sure I’ll make gardeners out of them as Jethro came round to sow some seeds, but got bored after about 10 minutes! Their veg plot is tiny, but better to start small and want more space than be overwhelmed

  • confined chooks to half the run and re-seeded the other half. Not really sure where I’m going with this as lots of reading seems to suggest chooks will eventually wear any pasture to nothing. Will probably put them on this new grass in Spring 2018, then re-seed where they are now

  • finished pruning the orchard – must start earlier next winter and refuse all daylight social engagements until it’s complete
  • coppiced hazel – but still stacking the poles
  • weeded the onions and garlic that got a little weedy over winter
  • day 4 of permaculture course

  • lots of reading
  • potted on loads of tomatoes and chillies

  • Plants arrived from Parkers and were potted up – my step-daughter is getting married in September and the party is planned in our garden, so have been buying dahlias and rudbeckia to make sure it looks good in late summer
  • day out to Whichford Pottery and The Straw Kitchen

Other stuff has been done since then:

  • seed sowing – beans, herbs, flowers, salad
  • already harvesting salad leaves

  • shredded lots of willow and hazel offcuts
  • started spring strimming routine
  • bought new chooks – currently being integrated with the old ones

  • made a cleavers tincture – trying to make more use of herbs from the garden, this is supposed to be useful post-viral tonic

And on the ‘to do’ list:

  • plant out spuds – some for a vege plot space and some to go in a container in the greenhouse
  • seed sowing outdoors
  • more indoor seed sowing including sunflowers for new shrub bed in back garden
  • finish shredding willow
  • more plants to arrive will need potting on
  • party this weekend for Rob’s 65th, Kyle’s birthday and Dot retiring – glad it’s a 4 day weekend because the garden needs a tidy up, the marquee needs erecting and taking down, so that will eat up quite a lot of time
  • plant forest garden trees, hopefully by the end of April
  • plan next layer of forest garden, but no big rush for this and it may be my main design for my PDC
  • day 5 of PDC at end of April

This is such a busy time of year, but at least the evenings are lighter and stuff can be done after work.

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