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There’s so much to do….

So, it’s February and I’m fed up. Just after Christmas, I decided to crack on with the pruning in the orchard – and my shoulder problem returned. It was so bad I took a day off work to rest it … Continue reading

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Getting back into it

Wow – I remembered the username and password to get back on here. Amazing! Well, things didn’t go as planned this summer – we realised quite early on that our kids needed lots of support through a tough exam year … Continue reading

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Pruning fruit trees in March

Just editing this to add that I wrote an update. I’ve spent lots of time since November pruning the apple and pear trees, so I thought it was time for a ‘how-to’ blog post. Most of what I need to … Continue reading

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Plans for 2010

I’m late blogging this month because I have a problem with my neck and shoulder and haven’t been able to use the computer as much as usual. I have had this post planned for a week or more, but simply … Continue reading

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I love November

I know it’s not everyone’s favorite time of year as each day seems shorter than the last and each one colder and more grey. But it’s so quiet and calm. Working in the garden at this time of year is … Continue reading

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Well, it started so well – even posted extra bits and pieces. Then April came around – a busy time in the garden, kids’ GCSEs, a job interview and loads of other work. So now I’m over 2 weeks late … Continue reading

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March 2009

Well, welcome to my gardening blog. I’m going to try and update it each month. So I’ll start with a quick round-up of what’s being going on in February and early March. About half the trees in the orchard have … Continue reading

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