This blog is not my life!

I read recently on the BBC that social media can damage your mental health. The idea behind the article was that looking enviously at other people’s lives, as portrayed on Facebook etc. is bad for you as you compare your life with theirs and find it lacking.

I find this rather sad. I love social media in all forms and find the posts on Instagram, Pinterest etc inspiring, rather than disheartening. So I’d like to publically declare that this blog does not represent my life in full (nor do my Facebook feed, Instagram posts, Tweets or Pinterest pages – links just there on the right, if you’re interested). All these are heavily edited to show you only the good bits, as I imagine other people’s are too.


So enjoy what you see. Yes, I have a lovely garden and home, but it’s not all clean tidy and neat all the time – but that’s when I take the photos and share them with you. Of course, I could share more negative stuff – but that’s not what I want to read on other blogs, and I naturally inclined to optimism and finding the glad in things.

Happy New Year!

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