Welcome to the new Home on the Hill

Hello and welcome to the new Home on the Hill.

If you’ve followed a link from the old site, the new place to subscribe is just there on the right —>

And if you’re finding me for the first time, welcome to you too.

It’s been a while – I went down a bit of technical rabbit-hole as I sorted out moving this blog from wordpress.com to wordpress.org – I won’t bore you with any more detail. Suffice to say that I seem to have succeeded in moving most of the content across – I think there’s a few images missing on some very old posts. But I’m here now and all ready to start again, which seems apt as the new growing season is just getting into it’s stride.

The reason for the move was simply to enable me to have more control over how it all works and how I promote the blog. Technically, I’d outgrown the free wordpress.com site.

I’ll not say any more for now. But I will be back next week (well, that’s the plan) with a new piece about what I’ve been up to in the garden, when I haven’t been blog-wrangling.

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